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The Eizans Group Has Joined Simantel.

We are thrilled to announce that Dan Eizans is joining Simantel as Director of Customer Experience and that Eizans Group’s intellectual property (including workshops and strategy frameworks) is coming with him.

What’s Changed?

Boutique Approach + Agency Backed

There are a ton of wins to celebrate inĀ  joining Simantel. With 160 plus Simantelites across 23 states, I now have a powerful team of amazing people to help fulfill the intended outcomes we can help you outline. We are an award-winning, full-service creative agency with media planning and buying, marketing automation, content production and a whole lot more.

Enterprise Consulting?

You bet. Need certified marketing automation professionals? Check. Need CMS selection help? We’ve got you covered. Need Executive Coaching? I’ve got partners. Organizational Design? We do that too.

We’ve helped clients big and small and are well connected to non profit and service organizations across a host of sectors.

You name it, we’ve probably done that. Let’s connect.

Workshops + Training?

Simantel has a long history (40+ years!) of training and workshops. It’s how we first started working together in the first place (I first met Simantel Principal Misty Dykema met at a Confab workshop I led in 2014)

When you add the power of the Eizans Group’s proprietary workshops and experience in a host of planning and strategy collaborations, you’ve got a recipe for engaging, relevant workshops that will help you level up a few people or an entire team.