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Enterprise Consulting

How We Generate Impact

Companies, nonprofits, product teams and their agency partners are dealing with a rapidly evolving world and an increasingly complex landscape. The last thing they need is another jargon filled point of view or overpriced, time-intensive, soul-sucking process from a large consultancy.

A Focus On Your Process. Not Ours.

We believe in actionable strategy over big theories and processes. We believe in tailoring our partner's process and accelerating their culture instead of installing our own. Our passion comes from helping you better realize yours.

Understanding Sessions

Before we ever recommend an approach, we start with getting to know you through an "understanding session," where we get to know your enterprise, nonprofit, product or agency. Zero pressure. Zero fee.

Opportunity Evaluation

Once we defined the opportunities, our team synthesizes what we've learned about your team, who you serve and your goals to develop an impact strategy, ready for immediate activation.

The Eizans Group helped us to find the strength in our own processes and culture by helping us extend our strengths to focus team members where they could make a bigger impact on the community we serve.

- Nonprofit Chief Operations Officer.

How We Work

We believe in making change that is valuable, not just for the mission of the organization, but for the teams that fulfill the work of our partners. To do this, we have to better understand the culture of ALL the teams supporting the enterprise and making micro adjustments to how the orient themselves to the value of the organization.

Goal Setting

We'll work with your team to determine a desired end-state (or orient existing goals to better meet the desired end state) to ensure that your existing enterprise activities are moving your team in the right direction ,


Our team helps to unpack problems through exercises aimed at uncovering insights that help teams work more efficiently and ensures they can orient themselves to opportunities to drive value.


With framing, we help to articulate opportunities or problems the enterprise is facing in a clearer way, making it easier for teams to activate on solutions to that offer immediate impact.


Through a variety of workshops, our facilitators help unstick the brains of managers, product owners and doers, helping generate a variety of solutions to test, develop and validate.

Evaluation & Research

Through workshops, qualitative or quantitative research we help teams assess problem, opportunity and idea spaces against enterprise goals and customer/user behaviors to power teams with data to inform better decision making.


Techniques to help the enterprise or its teams prioritize ideas, problems or organizational design decisions based on what drives the most value for the organization and the people it serves.

Our Team